Rules and Regulations

I. The Lease

A. Occupancy Standards

  • Beardsworth Properties LLC sets our general guidelines for maximum occupancy at 2 (two) unrelated persons per bedroom, or 2 (two) unrelated persons per 500 square feet of total living area – whichever is smaller.
  • Additional unrelated occupants may be approved on a case by case basis before occupying the premises.
  • Children aged 3 (three) and younger will not be counted towards the Occupancy Standard.
  • Due to the increased burden on utility services, unrelated occupants in excess of the amount of bedrooms in the apartment may be subject to a monthly fee of $100.00 per person in addition to monthly rent. Children under the age of 18 (eighteen) are exempt from this fee. One bedroom apartments in excess of 500 square feet are exempt from this fee as well.

B. Rent Payment

  • You may pay by check, money order, certified or cashier’s check, or cash.
  • If your building has a rent drop off box, you may deposit your payments there. If this is not provided for you, you may put your check through the mail slot in the door at 1622 Monument Ave.
  • Make checks out to Beardsworth Properties, and list your building number and apartment number on the check (ex. 1624 #3).
  • Rent payments received (not postmarked) after the 5th of the month will be charged late fees as outlined in the Lease.
  • A returned check fee, plus any applicable late charges will be assessed on all checks returned by the bank for any reason. Checks will not be re-deposited. Returned checks must be redeemed by money order or cashier’s check within 48 hours of notification. Late charges will be charged from the first late day.
  • After three returned checks, we will no longer accept checks for your rent payment or any other charges owed.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that all rent payments and other charges are paid on time. All monies received from you will first be applied to any outstanding debts such as delinquent rent, late fees, charges for damage repair, etc. Any remaining monies will then be applied to the current month’s rent. If any amounts are deducted to cover a balance, your current month’s rent will not be considered paid in full and late fees will be assessed.

C. Relet Policy

  • The Lease does not allow you to cancel the Lease early. You may, however, choose to relet (sub-lease) the apartment.
  • Tenants are responsible for finding their replacement, and that replacement is subject to all standards imposed upon any other renter, including credit checks, income requirements, and/or Guarantors (co-signers).
  • Tenants must complete a sub-lease acknowledgement form and pay a reletting fee of $250.00.
  • Under Virginia state law, tenants remain liable for delinquent rent and damages caused by sub-lessees. For this reason, we recommend you complete the term of your lease if at all possible, and that any sub-lessees are properly vetted prior to transfer of residency.
  • All sub-lessees must be approved by Beardsworth Properties and have completed sub-lease paperwork and all due payments (deposit, first month’s rent) before being allowed to occupy the premises. Any persons not having approval found residing in the premises will be declared to be unlawfully occupying the premises, and will be removed by the appropriate authorities.
  • If you have paid a reletting fee and the transfer to a new resident is unsuccessful, you will receive a credit toward future rent payments.

D. Guests

  • A guest may not stay in your apartment for more than one weekday or one weekend in any calendar month. Prior approval must be obtained from your roommates and the management office for guests wishing to extend their stay.
  • Guests must abide by the policies outlined here. You are responsible for the actions of your guests and informing them of the rules of the community.
  • You should refer to the section on Keys under Protecting Yourself for the procedure on authorizing access to a guest in your absence.

E. Roommate Remediation

  • If a conflict arises between you and your roommate, it will not be considered grounds to terminate the Lease. Additionally, it is not our responsibility to resolve the conflict. We will assist you with mediation and finding possible solutions; however, it will be the responsibility of you and your roommate to find a resolution in a conflict.
  • In cases where an apartment’s tenants band together in a democratic majority (2 of 3 roommates or 3 of 4 roommates) to call for the removal of a problematic roommate, management will require said roommate to vacate the premises within 30 days. The departing roommate will be refunded for any rent paid past their date of move out. The remaining roommates must make up the difference in rent, as they are joint and severally liable, up to the point they are able to find and place a credit-worthy replacement who has completed the necessary Lease paperwork and payments.

F. Reasonable Accommodation/Reasonable Modification

  • Beardsworth Properties LLC shall change, make exception, or adjust a rule, policy, practice, or service that may be necessary for a person with disabilities to have an equal opportunity to use and enjoy a dwelling, including public and common use spaces, or to fulfill their program obligations. Beardsworth Properties LLC will also allow a person with disabilities to make reasonable modifications to their unit if such modifications will allow the disabled person full enjoyment of the premises.
  • Requests for Reasonable Accommodation and Reasonable Modification may be relayed to the Property Manager in writing via text message, email, or letter and verbally by way of voice mail or in person conversation. Requests will be forwarded to the owner by email within 24 hours. The Property Manager will then work with all involved parties to come to a mutually beneficial arrangement.

II. Your Apartment Home

A. Appearance

1. Patios/Balconies/Fire Escapes
  • You agree to keep neat and clean all patios, balconies, and fire escape areas of the apartment.
  • Only outdoor furniture and related patio items may be placed on any patio or balcony.
  • Use of gas or charcoal grills is not allowed.
  • No unsecured plats may be permitted on the ledges or protruding from the railing.
  • You should never have more than six persons on a balcony at any given time.
  • No motorbikes or mopeds are allowed.
  • The storage of bicycles on patios or balconies is subject to approval by management.
  • No items, including, but not limited to, bicycles, planters, plants, furniture, trash or trash receptacles, etc. are allowed on fire escape areas at any time.
2. Flags/Signs
  • Signs and banners may not be hung from patios, balconies, windows, or from any area that would be visible from the exterior without prior approval by management.
3. Windows/Draperies
  • Windows and doors cannot be obstructed by you.
  • If we provide blinds on the windows, they cannot be removed by you.
  • If you install draperies or blinds, you must remove them at the end of the Lease term and any damage to restore the apartment will be at your expense.
  • Aluminum foil, tinting, cardboard, signs, etc. may not be placed over windows where they can be seen from the exterior.
  • Holiday decorations are allowed but must be removed within one week of the holiday.
  • Nothing shall be thrown out of the windows or doors.
  • You cannot leave windows or doors open during inclement weather. You will be responsible for any damage including, but not limited to, paint, wall, cabinets, carpets, and floors resulting from failure to exercise reasonable care.
4. Decorating/Painting/Wall Hangings
  • No structural additions may be made to the exterior of the building, including the front entrance, patios, and balconies. No alterations may be made to your front door or entrance to your apartment. Front door mats are encouraged, but we reserve the right to remove mats that are not designed for outdoor use, such as carpet remnants. Colored light bulbs are prohibited in all exterior fixtures.
  • On the interior of your apartment, you have the freedom to decorate by hanging pictures or other decorative objects. Stickers, including glow in the dark stars, double sided adhesive foam or tape are not allowed on walls, ceilings, windows, cabinets, exterior or interior doors.
  • You must obtain written permission from the manager to perform any repairs, painting, wallpapering, carpeting, electrical changes, or to make any other changes to the interior or exterior. It will be your responsibility to return the apartment back to the original condition or you will be charged.
  • All shelf paper, tub or shower decals, shelf brackets, hooks, towel holders must be removed. If you put these on walls, ceilings, doors, etc., there will be a charge for removal.
5. Public Areas
  • For the safety of all residents and to preserve the appearance, please do not store any personal belongings in the walkways, hallways, or entranceways. Please do not congregate in hallways.
  • Foyers, stairwells, and outdoor common areas must be kept neat and clean at all times. Please dispose of junk mail in the proper receptacles. Do not throw away any food, drink, or their containers or wrappers in junk mail bins – this will attract pests.
  • Bicycles may not be stored on or in stairways, hallways, or fire escapes. Keep bicycles from blocking any means of egress or ingress. Consult management if you are unsure where to store your bicycle.
  • In outdoor areas, please dispose of cigarette butts in the proper receptacles and refrain from flicking them into the yards, sidewalks, or surrounding areas.
6. Trash/Recycling
  • All trash must be bagged and placed inside trash cans designated for your building and should not be left in the apartment, breezeways, hallways, fire escapes, or other common areas.
  • Recycling must be placed in a paper bag (they don’t recycle plastic bags) and placed in the designated recycling bin outside. All boxes must be broken down before depositing in the recycling bin. Styrofoam, plastic bags, and cardboard tainted by food residue (such as pizza boxes) must be thrown in trash bins, as they are not recyclable.
  • Cigarette butts must be disposed of properly and are not allowed to be thrown on the exterior.
  • Do not put hot ashes or coals, paint, chemicals, motor oil, or other hazardous materials of any nature whatsoever in any trash receptacles, dumpsters, or similar containers.
  • We have the right to impose reasonable fines for the violation of these provisions, as well as for any littering by you or your guests.

B. Grills

  • Fire regulations prohibit using or storing gas or barbecue grills in and around buildings, including patios and balconies, and around heavily wooded areas. You should use grills in accordance with local ordinances (see management for restrictions).

C. Apartment Entry

We respect your right to privacy. Without prior written consent, we will not give any person access to your apartment. However, our staff may enter your aprtment as follows:

  • In case of emergency
  • When you have abandoned or surrendered the apartment
  • To make necessary or agreed upon repairs, alterations, or improvements
  • To supply necessary or agreed upon services
  • To test smoke detectors and complete health and safety inspections
  • To exhibit the Premises to prospective or actual purchasers, mortgagers, residents, workers, or contractors
  • Routine inspections
  • With your prior permission, or
  • As otherwise allowed by law

Except in cases of emergency and as required by law, we will provide you with reasonable written notice of our intent to enter and entry will be during normal business hours. You may be present; however, entry is not conditioned upon your presence. In case of emergency, we may enter the Premises at any time without prior notice. In such situations, you do not have the right to refuse to open a door and you must allow access.

D. Health and Safety Inspections

  • We will perform apartment inspections to ensure health and safety standards are being met and to identify potential hazards. You will receive advance notification and the inspections will focus on the following:
  • Safety Equipment: smoke detectors, sprinkler heads, other security features (self closing door hinges, window and door locks, etc.)
  • Fire Hazards: frayed and/or overloaded electrical wiring, stacks of newspapers or magazines, covered heaters, build up of grease in ovens, broilers, or on stove tops, storage of gasoline or other flammable materials, or gas powered machine in unit.
  • Health Hazards: garbage or food improperly disposed of, unsanitary bathroom or kitchen conditions, unreported water intrusions/leaks.
  • Corrective warning notices will be posted on resident doors within a reasonable time following the inspection.

E. Pets

  • Dogs are not allowed in the buildings at any time, either as tenants’ pets or as pets visiting from elsewhere.
  • Tenants found to be residing with a dog(s) without prior, special approval by the Owner (and only the Owner) may face fines/fees up to and including forfeiture of the security deposit.
  • While we do not allow dogs in the building, tenants may have up to two cats in their apartment. We do not currently charge a pet deposit or monthly pet fee for cats. Pets other than cats may be approved on a case by case basis, but may not exceed the limit of two pets per household.
  • If you acquire a pet while living in one of our buildings, you agree to immediately notify us, pay any associated pet fees and pet rent (if required), and adhere to all policies contained within the Lease and this list of Rules and Regulations. Pet rents may be adjusted at the beginning of every lease term.
  • You must have the written consent of all roommates prior to acquiring a pet. If your roommates do not approve, you must rent another apartment (if possible), leave the apartment within 60 days of the notification of non-approval by your roommates, or remove your pet from the apartment. If you renew your lease, you must obtain written consent from any and all new roommates in the apartment renting with you for the next lease term.
  • All pets must wear an identification tag.
  • Fish tanks may not exceed 20 gallons.
  • Exotic animals are not allowed.
  • All pets must be registered and inoculated in accordance with local law.
  • You must keep the pet on a leash and under your supervision when outside the apartment.
  • You must dispose of pet waste in a sanitary manner. If you do not dispose of waste properly, a $25.00 fee per incident will be charged.
  • Pets may not be tied up or left unattended on balconies, patios, fire escapes, or any other areas outside of the buildings.
  • You will be responsible for the entire amount of any injury to any person caused by your pet, including all costs of litigation and attorney’s fees resulting from such injury.
  • Pets may not disturb other residents or damage or destroy our property. You agree to be financially responsible for repairing or replacing any damage caused by your pet. If needed, the cost of carpet and/or vinyl replacement will be charged to you. If a pet is disturbing other residents or pets, or if pet damages property, you will permanently remove pet from the building within 10 days upon request from us. Extreme circumstances can dictate removal of pet within 24 hours.
  • Pets must comply with any weight and other restrictions imposed by us. Contact management for any questions regarding these restrictions.
  • You will not exceed the number of allowable pets per apartment, this number being two (2).
  • Periodic apartment inspections may be made to determine the condition of your apartment, with regards to your pet.
  • In the event you voluntarily remove your pet or in case of death, you may not replace the pet without consent from us.
  • If a pet is permitted, you agree to pay a fee upon signing the Lease. This fee does not cover damages, will not be applied toward any damages, and is non-refundable.
  • If a pet is permitted you will be required to pay a refundable pet deposit as set out in the Lease. The pet deposit will be refunded after you move out or after the end of the Lease term (whichever is later), if no damages to apartment or building are assessed against you.
  • Service dogs and emotional support animals are exempt from the above pet policy, as they are legally not considered “pets.” We will comply with all applicable local, state, and federal laws regarding service dogs and emotional support animals.

F. Personal Property Restrictions

  • You and your guests are not allowed to place any unusually heavy objects on the floor such as pool tables, waterbeds, etc. You and your guests agree not to store firearms, explosives, gasoline, dangerous or hazardous materials in your apartment, storage facility, or balcony.

G. Bicyclyes

  • Please use designated bicycle racks, place in designated storage areas, or carefully store bicycles in your apartment.
  • Due to life and safety concerns, bicycles found in patios, balconies, fire escapes, hallways, breezeways, stairways, blocking public access to exits/entryways will be removed and impounded (a fee may be imposed for removal or storage).
  • Bicycles may not be secured to any tree or shrub on the property, stairway or walkway handrail, radiator, or any other piece of interior or exterior architecture.
  • Bicycles must be removed on your scheduled move-out day.

H. Business/Private Enterprise

  • Conducting any kind of business in your apartment or in the building is prohibited – except that any lawful business conducted “at home” by computer, mail, or telephone is permissible if customers, clients, patients, or other business associates do not come to your apartment for business purposes.

III. Protecting Yourself

A. Crime

  • We do not guarantee or assure your personal security and our actions are voluntary in an effort to reduce the risk of crime in the community. You agree that the provision of safety devices and patrol services will not constitute a guarantee of their effectiveness nor impose an obligation to us to continue providing these services. If you witness a crime, please call 911 immediately and then contact your property manager.

B. Personal Safety

Though we do our best to provide a safe living environment, no community is immune to crime. The following guidelines will provide you with basic, easy to follow tips to help you protect yourself.

1. Inside Your Apartment
  • Dial 911 for emergencies. If an emergency arises, call the appropriate governmental authorities first, and then call your property manager.
  • Lock your doors and windows – even when you are inside.
  • Use night latches or dead bolt locks on the doors when you are inside.
  • When answering the door, see who is there by looking through a window or peephole. If you do not know the person, first talk with him or her without opening the door. Do not open the door if you have any doubts.
  • If you return to your residence and you think it has been entered illegally, do not enter. Call 911.
  • Never give out keys, gate or lock combinations. If a key is lost or stolen, call us immediately to re-key the locks.
  • Keep a complete list of the serial and identification numbers of computer, television, VCR, stereo, etc. This will greatly aid in recovering stolen goods.
  • Keep valuables out of sight by drawing curtains or blinds and storing such items away from windows.
  • Never leave a note on your door stating you are not home.
  • Do not put your name, address, or telephone number on your key ring.
  • Check your smoke detectors monthly for dead batteries or malfunctions. If a smoke detector is “chirping”, contact your property manager to have the battery replaces. Do not remove batteries from smoke detectors, or otherwise disable their proper function.
  • Check your door locks, window latches, and other security devices regularly to be sure they are working properly.
  • Close and latch your windows while you are gone, particularly when you are on vacation.
  • Leave a radio or television playing softly while you are gone.
  • Immediately report the following to us in writing, dated and signed: any needed repairs of locks, latches, doors, windows, smoke detectors, and alarm systems; and any malfunction of other safety devices outside your apartment such as broken gate locks, burned-out lights, blocked passages, broken railing, etc.
  • Close curtains, blinds, or window shades at night.
  • Mark or engrave identity on valuable personal property.
  • Use lamp timers when you leave for extended periods of time.
  • In a residential community, screaming may sound like horseplay. In an emergency, be specific by shouting “Help!” “Police!” or “Fire!”
2. Outside Your Apartment
  • When returning to your apartment late in the evening, if possible, always use the main property entrance or commonly used walkways.
  • Lock your doors when you are gone.
  • Tell your roommates where you are going and when you’ll be back.
  • Do not walk alone at night.
  • Do not hide a key under the doormat, on trim above door, in a nearby flower pot, etc. These are the first places a burglar will look. We recommend you purchase a key safe from the nearby Lowe’s that can hang on your doorknob if you want to have an emergency key.
  • Do not give entry codes or electronic codes to anyone.
  • At all hours, carry your door key in your hand when nearing your entry door. You are more vulnerable when looking for your keys at the door.
  • If you notice suspicious persons loitering around the property, report them immediately to the proper authorities. Do not confront them yourself.
  • Please report any malfunctioning lights to the management office.

C. Renter’s Insurance

  • While we do not require you to obtain renter’s insurance, we do highly recommend that you obtain it for your stay inside our buildings, and for all your future rental properties.
  • You understand that the insurance in place for the building does not provide coverage for your personal belongings, property damage, or bodily injury. If you or your guests suffer a loss due to fire, flood, vandalism, theft, or other cause of loss, that loss will not be covered by the building’s insurance.
  • In general, renter’s insurance is not expensive, and can provide substantial protection and peace of mind.

D. Keys and Key Release

  • If you receive an access code, card, or key, you agree to use the access code, card, or key for your personal use. Do not share codes or duplicate keys.
  • You understand that any duplicate keys or entry devices must be made by us, and that all keys or entry devices issued must be returned at move-out.
  • You cannot change the entry locks or otherwise deny access to the apartment.
  • If keys or entry devices are not returned, or they are lost, a replacement charge will be assessed for each item. If key or entry item is lost or stolen, you should notify us immediately.

E. Security Devices

  • No security system is fail-safe. Even the best system cannot prevent crime. Always proceed as if security systems do not exist since they are subject to malfunctions, tampering, and human error. The best safety measures are the ones you perform as a matter of common sense and habit.
  • We have no duty to furnish (or continue to furnish) alarms of any kind, security guards, or other security devices, except as required by law. If we furnish any security device in the apartment, we will have no obligation or duty to inspect, test, or repair any security device unless you request us to do so in writing.
  • You must inspect the security devices upon move-in, and will be given the opportunity to make comments on their condition on the “Move-in Condition Form.” We will make needed repairs only after receiving a written request from you.
  • Any and all security devices you install must comply with all applicable laws and you will be responsible for any damages relating to the installation and malfunction of any security device installed by you. You will also be responsible for the removal of the system at the end of the lease.

F. Fire Safety

  • Please call 911 if there is a fire or smoke.
  • Disabling or tampering with a fire extinguisher, pull station, or smoke detector is a violation of the law and may lead to fines and possible early termination of the Lease.
  • Prevention is your best insurance against fire. We recommend that you follow these simple safety precautions in your own apartment to prevent fires:
  • Let cooking grease cool and pour into a metal can. Never put hot grease into a plastic container.
  • Do not put water on a grease fire. Smother with a lid, baking soda, or kitchen approved fire extinguisher. Call 911 immediately should the fire persist.
  • Do not let grease or oil cook on the stove unattended.
  • Properly dispose of all tobacco products in appropriate metal containers. Ensure all lighted tobacco products are out before leaving them unattended.
  • Avoid cooking while intoxicated, taking medication, or when sleepy.
  • Use and empty metal container to dispose of hot ashes. Never dispose of ashes at or around patios, shrubs, or in a garbage can.
  • Test smoke detectors monthly to make sure they are working.
  • Do not store gas-operated tools or vehicles inside the apartment, under stairwells, or in breezeways, patios, or balconies.
  • Do not burn candles of any kind.

IV. Maintenance

A. Service Requests

  • We offer 24 hour response to emergency service requests. Call 911 in case of fire or other life threatening situations. For After-hours Emergencies (as defined below), call or text your property manager (or knock on their door) and explain the situation.
  • In an attempt to effectively manage after-hours calls, we categorize calls into two categories: After-hours and Priorities.
  • An After-hours Emergency is defined as any breakdown or malfunction in which life, health, or property is threatened if immediate corrective action is not taken. Though it is impossible to list or predict all possible scenarios, the list below includes acceptable on-call emergencies.
  • Priorities are calls that do not conform to criteria for an After-hours Emergency – in short, they are routine service calls which can wait until morning, at which time the work order will be given priority status.

B. After-hours Emergencies

Examples of After-hour Emergency requests are as follows:

  • No heat or air-conditioning when outside temperatures are less than 50 degrees or higher than 80 degrees
  • Electrical or gas failure of any nature
  • Overflowing toilet
  • Stopped up toilet if only one is available in apartment
  • Water problems such as leaks, severe back-ups, or broken pipes
  • Malfunction of an essential appliance (non-working refrigerator)
  • No water
  • No hot water when affecting more than one unit, when exterior temperatures are below 50 degrees
  • Any unsecured entry
  • Malfunctioning controlled access points
  • Any threatening situation such as: fire, flood, severe weather, police action, protecting a crime scene (broken windows, locks, doors, etc.)
  • Bio-hazards
  • Lock-outs


  • You acknowledge that it is necessary for you to provide appropriate climate control, keep the apartment clean, and take other measures to retard and prevent mold and mildew from accumulating in the apartment.
  • You agree to immediately report to the property manager: (1) any evidence of a water leak or excessive moisture in the apartment, as well as in any storage room, garbage, or other common area; (2) any evidence of mold or mildew-like growth that cannot be removed by simply applying a common household cleaner and wiping the area; (3) any failure or malfunctioning in the heating, ventilation, or air conditioning system in the apartment; and (4) any inoperable doors or windows.
  • If small areas of mold have already occurred on non-porous surfaces (such as ceramic tile, Formica, vinyl flooring, metal, or plastic), the federal Environmental Protection Agency recommends that you first clean the area with soap and water, let the surface dry, and then within 24 hours apply a premixed, spray-on type household biocide, such as Lysol Disinfectant, Tilex Mildew Remover, or Clorox Cleanup. (Note: only a few of the common household cleaners will actually kill the mold.) Be sure to follow the instructions on the container. Never mix bleach with ammonia.

D. Lockouts

  • If you inadvertently lock yourself out, you can call or text your property manager. If after-hours, and they do not respond, you may knock on their front door if calling and texting does not work.

E. Light Bulbs

  • Your apartment is supplied with light bulbs at move-in. After move-in, it is your responsibility to replace burned out light bulbs in any fixtures or personal lamps. If you need assistance in replacing light bulbs, please contact your property manager.
  • Please report unlit light bulbs over walkways, halls, or common areas to us.

F. Plumbing/Lavatories

  • Lavatories, sinks, toilets, and all water and plumbing apparatus shall be used only for the purpose for which they are constructed.
  • Sweepings, rubbish, rags, cat litter, ashes, feminine hygiene products, and other foreign substances shall not be thrown in any plumbing apparatus. Any damage to such apparatus and the cost of cleaning and/or replacing plumbing resulting from misuse will be charges to you.

G. Smoke Detectors

  • The smoke detectors in your apartment have been tested prior to move-in to ensure they are working properly. You are responsible for ensuring that all smoke detectors are working properly. We request that you test smoke detectors on a monthly basis. Please call your property manager if a smoke detector starts “chirping” or if it is determined through monthly smoke alarm tests that the smoke alarm is not working properly.
  • Do not disable smoke detectors. Disabling a smoke detector or removing working batteries is a violation of law and may lead to fines and possible early termination of the Lease.

V. Your Conduct

You are responsible for the consequences of your guests’ actions. You should inform your guests of conduct rules and accompany them within common areas at all times.

We may exclude from the building guests or others who, in our judgement, have been violating the law, violating the Lease or any apartment rules, or disturbing other residents, neighbors, visitors, or owner representatives. We may also exclude from any outside area or common area a person who refuses to show photo identification or refuses to identify themselves as a resident, occupant, or guest of a specific resident in the building.

A. Drugs and Alcohol

  • You or your guests will not engage in or permit your apartment to be used for criminal activity, including drug related criminal activity and will not engage in the manufacture, sale, or distribution of illegal drugs at any location, whether on, or near the apartment building. It is your responsibility to notify the proper authorities if you suspect a roommate or a guest is engaged in illegal activities.
  • Possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages must be in full compliance with local, state, and federal laws and regulations and in accordance with these rules and regulations.
  • Violation of the above shall be a material violation of the Lease and may be cause for termination of tenancy. A termination does not release you from your financial obligations under the Lease.

B. Smoking

  • Smoking of cigarettes, cigars, pipes, or other tobacco and non-tobacco products is not permitted within the interior areas of the apartment.
  • Cigarette butts must be disposed of in the proper receptacle and not left on the ground. If you or your guests fail to comply, a fine may be imposed by us.

C. Firearms, Weapons, and Hazardous Materials

  • You may not have a handgun or rifle in your possession, even if it is registered. Weapons of any kind are not permitted including, but not limited to, hunting equipment, slingshots, gas powered guns, air rifles, and paintball guns.
  • Any form of explosive devices – including firecrackers, fireworks, ammunition, pyrotechnics, and similar products are also not permitted in the building. It is a misdemeanor to possess, store, sell, or use fireworks in or around the apartment building. You may not store gasoline in your apartment or on patios, balconies, or fire escapes. Harboring hazardous materials with the intent or purpose to create explosive devices shall be referred directly to the proper authorities.

D. Motorcycles & Scooters (Fuel Operated)

  • All fuel operated vehicles may only be parked in designated areas and must be properly registered. Due to safety concerns, it is prohibited to store such vehicles inside the apartment, on patios/balconies, in fire escape areas, stairwells, landings, breezeways, and walkways. Any of these vehicles found beyond the designated areas may be cited, towed, and impounded at your expense.

E. Noise

  • Excessive noise and loud music in apartments, hallways, or common areas cannot be permitted at any time. This includes stereos, televisions, musical instruments, slamming doors and windows, running up and down stairs, sounding vehicle horns, and yelling. You are responsible for your guest’s behavior.
  • What defines excessive noise is subject to the individual tolerances of your neighbors, but in general, please try to keep noise down after 10pm Sunday through Thursday, and after 12am Friday and Saturday.
  • Noise complaints may be relayed to the property manager. They will contact the offending tenants to ask volume be reduced or terminated completely. If they fail to comply, it will be noted on their record. After three such failures (each from a different incident), tenants may be fined. If after five (5) such fines for excessive noise, offending tenants do not comply, Beardsworth Properties may seek eviction proceedings against offending tenants on grounds of excessive rule violations and disturbing the peace of the community.
  • If noise exceeds appropriate levels to the point the police must issue a warning for violating the local noise ordinance, this may be grounds for termination of tenancy.

F. Odor

  • You will not permit any offensive odor to originate from your apartment or bedroom at any time.

G. Conduct

  • Both direct and indirect forms of verbal and written abuse, threats, coercion, physical or verbal harassment, intimidation, violence against another person or their property, or causing the apprehension of physical or verbal harm are prohibited and will not be tolerated. Conduct that threatens the health and safety of any person (including yourself) may result in fines and possible termination of you Lease, privileges, and possible criminal prosecution. You are responsible for reporting abuse to appropriate authorities.
  • At all times, you and your guests are expected to conduct yourselves in accordance with the rules contained within this “Rules and Regulations” page.

H. Complicity

  • In the presence of a policy violation, you may attempt to stop the violation, contact management or staff, and/or immediately remove yourself from the situation and the vicinity of the violation.
  • If you choose to stay at the scene of a policy violation, you will be included in the documentation and may also be held accountable for applicable policy violation(s).
  • If concealment should occur, you may be considered an accomplice to the violation and be subject to any actions outlined above.

VI. Moving Out of Your Apartment

  • All surfaces within the apartment must be cleaned. Dust and wipe all ceilings, walls, window and door trim, and fan blades. Sweep and mop all floors, cleaning behind and underneath any movable appliances as well.
  • Clean the inside and outside of stoves and refrigerators. Wipe out all cabinets and drawers. Clean the inside and outside of toilets, tubs, and sinks. Clean windows and mirrors.
  • Remove all personal belongings. You may not leave anything behind under the assumption that new tenants might want it. All furniture, personal appliances, wall hangings, close hangers, cleaning supplies, shower curtains, etc. must be removed. The apartment should be completely empty aside from the permanent fixtures that were present when you moved in.
  • Items may not be left in the hallways or foyers. Items left in these areas will be removed at the owners expense.
  • Furniture and other large items may not be left by the trash cans. You must arrange for their removal or take them to the dump on your own.
  • Empty your mailbox.
  • Replace any burned out light bulb. If you cannot reach the bulb in question, please contact your property manager to replace the bulb before moving out to avoid any fees for non-compliance. Bulbs must be replaced with proper cool white or warm white bulbs that match the style (standard bulb, globe, flood, or Edison style) of bulbs installed at move-in.
  • Schedule a final inspection with your property manager. They’ll perform a walk through with you to confirm you’ve completed the above steps to a satisfactory level and collect your keys.
  • Any keys issued to you that you do not return for any reason, will be assessed a fee of $20.00 per key. Please report any lost or stolen keys to your property manager before moving out. Do not leave keys inside the apartment; you may only hand them off to your property manager in person, or in a predetermined key safe your property manager has set up for you.
  • You must be moved out no later than noon on the date specified in your lease (usually July 31st). That means that everything has to be moved out, cleaned up, and inspected before 12:00pm. If you do not meet this deadline, you may incur additional holdover charges or fees. Please keep this in mind when making your plans to move, and when scheduling your final inspection.
  • The move-out process will not be complete until all residents within an apartment have moved out. Once all the residents within an apartment have checked out, the apartment will be inspected for damages, charges will be assessed, and deposit refund checks will be processed accordingly.
  • Remember to cancel, cut off, or transfer any service to the apartment you are responsible for such as cable/internet service, gas or water utilities, and/or electrical service.
  • We reserve the right to charge for damages beyond ordinary wear and tear to the apartment, furniture, appliances, carpet, blinds, and floor coverings. We can also assess charges if the entire apartment, including range, refrigerator, bathrooms, closets, cupboards, furniture, and floors are not clean, regardless of condition at time of move-in.

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