Prospective Tenants

In this section of the website, we’ll take you through our leasing process, explain our requirements for those looking to lease with us, and answer some questions that future tenants usually have. It can also be helpful to familiarize yourself with our rules and regulations and check out our info page for details on move-in and move-out.

Leasing Process

After prospective tenants have seen and responded to our lawn signs or web listings, the first step in the leasing process is to simply view the apartment (or apartments) they are interested in. This is, however, an important step, as we will not move on to signing the lease with a party that has not yet viewed the space they intend to rent. It’s important to us that you see where you’re going to live, and that you are completely satisfied. We may make special exceptions for those who are especially far away, but we suggest to those prospective tenants that they have someone they trust view the apartment in their place.

The next step is the application. You can fill out an application on our website here. This step may be completed before a viewing to speed up the process, but we will not consider applications until the apartment has been viewed by prospective tenants. In order to be as fair as possible, we make apartment offers based on the order in which applications and viewings are completed. The first party to both complete the application for each person in the group and view the apartment will be at the top of our list. The second party to do this will be below, and so on. Applications will be reviewed over the course of 2 to 3 days to check references and confirm employment, and then the prospective tenant(s) will be emailed to notify them of acceptance, rejection, or that we need more steps from them, such as having a cosigner.

Once applications have been accepted, then we can move on to lease paperwork and deposit payment. The lease can be completed either in person or online (through DocuSign) – whatever the situation demands. Our deposit is equal to one month’s rent and must be paid in full before tenants will be allowed to move in. Deposits may be paid by check, money order, or cash. [We may have an online payment option available for deposits, but at this time, would prefer to exhaust the other options first.] Paperwork and payment must be complete for the apartment listing to be removed. If paperwork is completed but payment is not, the apartment will be listed as “Pending” on the website and we will still show the property to other prospective tenants who will have an opportunity to rent the apartment. If deposit payment is completed, but paperwork is not, the apartment will be listed as “Pending” on the website but we will not show the apartment for one week from the payment date. If paperwork is not completed within that one week period, we will begin showing the apartment again. In most cases, we do not require the payment of the first month’s rent before move-in. The exception, however, is when there are 28 days or less from move-in. If there are 28 days or less from move-in, you will be required to pay both a deposit and the first month’s rent before your paperwork and payment is considered complete – this means we will continue to show the apartment to other interested parties and they will have the opportunity to rent the apartment if they complete paperwork and payment before you. Once the lease is completed and the deposit is paid in full, then all parties listed on the lease, including cosigners, will be emailed a completed copy of the lease.

After the apartment has been viewed, the application(s) completed and accepted, paperwork finalized, and deposit paid in full, then all you have left to do is move in! We will remove our lawn sign and web postings, add you to our tenant contact sheet, and prepare for your move-in. We’ll contact you a week to two weeks before move-in to help with logistics, answer questions, and aid in making the transition as easy as possible. We have some helpful info on the website for moving in that can be seen here.


To lease with us you must fulfill these requirements:

  • In considering any source of funds for rental payments, Beardsworth Properties LLC shall include any source that lawfully provides funds to or on behalf of a renter including any assistance, benefit, or subsidy program, whether such program is administered by a governmental or non-governmental entity in accordance with Va. Code § 36-96.1.1. and related guidance.
  • If prospective tenants cannot meet the income requirement, they may provide a cosigner, who will then need to meet the same requirement.
  • All full time undergraduate college students will be required to have a parental cosigner.
  • Prospective tenants must have a good rental history – no late payments, no evictions, a history of cleanliness, and no complaints of excessive noise.
  • We do not require a prospective tenant’s credit history, nor do we require a criminal background check.
  • Beardsworth Properties LLC shall change, make exception, or adjust a rule, policy, practice, or service that may be necessary for a person with disabilities to have an equal opportunity to use and enjoy a dwelling, including public and common use spaces, or to fulfill their program obligations. Beardsworth Properties LLC will also allow a person with disabilities to make reasonable modifications to their unit if such modifications will allow the disabled person full enjoyment of the premises.
  • Requests for Reasonable Accommodation and Reasonable Modification may be relayed to the Property Manager in writing via text message, email, or letter and verbally by way of voice mail or in person conversation. Requests will be forwarded to the owner by email within 24 hours. The Property Manager will then work with all involved parties to come to a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is your pet policy?
  • We do not allow dogs, cats are fine, and all other pets are approved on a case by case basis. There is a limit of two (2) pets per apartment. (So if your roommate has two cats, you can’t have a pet in the apartment because the limit has already been met.)
  • Is there a pet deposit or monthly pet fee?
  • We do not currently charge a pet deposit or a monthly pet fee. This is something that may change in the future. If it does, only new tenants will be required to pay the new charges. Tenants with pets before the change was made will be exempt.
  • Will you make an exception for emotional support dogs?
  • Yes. We will make exceptions for any properly qualified service dogs and emotional support animals, and comply with all applicable local, state, and federal laws.
  • Is there a washer/dryer or laundry room in the apartment, or in the building?
  • No. There are no washers/dryers in the apartments. For most of our buildings there isn’t a laundry facility on site either. There are only two exceptions to the above. If you live in 1618 Monument Avenue, then there is a laundry room in the basement. If you live in the carriage house apartment at 1628 Monument Avenue, then there is a washer/dryer in the attached garage.
  • Do you have off street parking anywhere?
  • Unfortunately, no. You will have to park on the street. There is a parking garage nearby on Lombardy Street where you can rent a space for about $100/mo which may be available. This parking garage is not affiliated with us, so I can make no guarantees.
  • What utilities are included?
  • All of them! Utilities are included in the price of rent for all of our apartments except the carriage house at 1628 Monument – they must pay the electric bill. When we say utilities, we mean water, gas, heat, and electric. Unfortunately, internet is not yet considered a utility (but it should be), so that is not included. You will have to set up cable/internet through either Verizon (preferred) or Comcast. Keep this in mind when considering your budget.
  • Do the apartments have central air/heat?
  • We do not have central air or heat in our apartments. Apartments are heated in the winter time by radiators, and cooled in the summer by window unit (or free standing) A/Cs. Tenants are responsible for supplying their own air conditioning units, and there is a fee for the use of any A/C unit (because they use so much electricity!). From May 1st through September 30th, if an air conditioning unit is in use, tenants will be charged a fee of $75 per month per A/C unit. Keep this in mind when making your budget as well. There is one exception, however. The carriage house at 1628 does have central air/heat – it’s the only one, and therefore is charged no extra fee.
  • Can we paint the apartment?
  • No. Tenants will not be allowed to paint the apartment walls, ceiling, trim, floor, appliances, or other built in fixtures. If there is a problem with the paint in your apartment, please bring it up with the property manager, and they will work with you to come to a resolution.
  • Will the apartment be painted before I move in?
  • Most likely, no. We have a limited amount of time between move-out and move-in (it’s a 24 hour max period, to be exact). We are always looking to improve the apartments, though, so that doesn’t mean painting is out of the question. If you would like painting to be done, and have the ability to move in later, then we can use that time to paint and make other small fixes. In that case, we would prorate your first month’s rent. If you are not able to move in later, we can work together to find a time to get painting done that won’t be intrusive to you or your schedule, even if it means painting just one wall a day! My best advice is to not romanticize the apartment. When you view it, take special note of the things you don’t like. Don’t think of how it could be, but how it is right now – and if you still want to rent the apartment keeping that in mind, then you know you’ll be happy even if these things don’t get done.
  • Do you have cleaners come into the apartment between tenants?
  • Not really, no. We require the outgoing tenants to clean the space for the incoming tenants. They may choose to hire a cleaning service, do the cleaning themselves, or, worst case scenario, leave the apartment an absolute mess. In the last (worst) case, We use our time within the 24 hours we have between move-out and move-in to make the apartment mess free. Incoming tenants, if not satisfied with the cleanliness of the apartment, may hire a cleaning service to do the work. Save the receipt or invoice from this cleaning service and submit it to the property manager. We will then credit your next month’s rent payment for that amount, and deduct it from the outgoing tenants deposit. Again, we have 24 hours max, so our resources are limited.

Fair Housing Information

Sample Documents

Apartment Lease

Lease for Carriage House at 1628 Monument Ave.

Guaranty Page (for Cosigners)

Sublease Document

Addendum to Lease for Renting Garages at 1616 and 1620 Monument Ave.

Addendum to Lease for Renting Parking Space (Only Available at 1618 Monument Ave.)

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